Rokuro Unno
Name Rokuro Unno
Kanji 海野 六郎
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Purple
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Nanakuma Unno (twin brother)
Professional Status
Master Yukimura Sanada
Occupation Yukimura's Page
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Act 2
Seiyu Hiroshi Kamiya
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Roruko Unno is Yukimura Sanada's page, and Rokuro can always be found at his side. In emergencies, he attacks by emitting ultrasonic waves from his mouth.


Rokuro Unno
He has dark blue hair that covers his right eye along with bandages and purple eyes. He wears highly revealing hakama trousers.

Personality Edit

Rokuro is a silent and composed man, but he often remonstrates Yukimura for his unheard-of behavior. Rokuro's clan has served the Yukimura Family for generations, and Yukimura places tremendous trust in him.


BRAVE10 - 01 - Large 18

Yukimura and Rokuro listen to Isanami

Rokuro joins Yukimura in his room when he meets with Isanami, who asks for help. However, Yukimura refuses and asks Rokuro to set up a room for her to stay and closes the door for Yukimura after he makes his way out. Later, he is seen talking to Yukimura about Isanami's power and the ninjas that chased her. Yukimura also states that he's planning to gather 10 strong warriors that can be defeated by none. Rokuro then senses Saizō Kirigakure above them and quickly gets rid of him with him attack. At the festival, he joins Yukimura and protects him when the castle was attacked by using his ultrasonic attack. He later absorbs the words from Ishida Mitsunari's (Tokugawa Ieyasu’s rival) letter and Yukimura burns the letter. When Kamanosuke Yuri joins Yukimura Sanada's ten warriors, he attacks Rokuro and says he'll kill him if he interferes. Rokuro seems upset that Yuri will be living with them from now on and reads Saizō's mind for the writings which were written on the wall of at the bottom of the Izumo shrine with his right eye. Yukimura and Rokuro seem shocked at whatever is written on the wall and Yukimura tells him to show no one his right eye.


  • Triangular Swords: Rokuro uses two short swords with triangular blades and triangular hole in them. They are used to increase power of his ultrasonic waves.
  • Triangular sword

Ninja TechniquesEdit

  • Ultrasonic Waves: He is able to emit ultrasonic waves from his mouth to disorient opponent(s) and make him/them unconscious.
  • Right Eye: He is able to store writings in his right eye (for example he is able to take all that was written in a scroll into his eye leaving scroll itself.


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