Name Kuchiba
Kanji 朽葉


Gender Male
Age 20+
Hair Colour Dark Red
Eye Colour Red
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Unknown
Professional Status
Master Tokugawa Ieyasu
Occupation Ninja
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 11
Seiyu Kōsuke Toriumi
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Kuchiba is the last of the League of Five, and it appears that his skill is illusions. In which he kills them, while they are still under his spell.

He uses the name Raizu to trick Yuri Kamanosuke.

Personality Edit

Just like his comrades, he is cruel, yet very manipulative as he play trickery towards Yuri Kamanosuke's way.

Appearance Edit

Kuchiba has a slim built with dark long red hair, along with a strand of hair in his face. He has tan skin with red eyes, a black long cape-like jacket, which is torn at the ends. He also has markings like lines over his eyes. He wears bracelet jewelry, along with a neck piece of jewelry. He has a pair of black loose pants and sandals.

Plot Edit

He appears in Episode 11 when Yuri goes off to chase after a squirrel when Kuchiba comes through, forcing Yuri to stop in his tracks. He happens to be quite shock and frustrated when he learns that Yuri had broke his illusion powers. He is seen laying down on the ground, being angry that this occurred. Kuchiba then explains about the illusion to Yuri, stating that he gave him the ultimate pleasure of death while Yuri hovers over him. Yuri then tells him that there is no pleasure in the hoax fairy tale story that was given to him as Yuri jumps into the air, slightly as Kuchiba held onto Yuri's chain. He happened to make him flew right in the sky as Yuri explains his belief to Kuchiba as he sneaks his weapon behind Kuchiba and cuts him with it and blood splatters everywhere. As Yuri celebrates by Kuchiba's blood raining down on him, Kuchiba quickly shifts himself back together with his blood and tells Yuri that he likes pain. He then uses one of his ninja techniques to harm Yuri as Yuri becomes wounded. Speaking to Yuri, he looks shook as Yuri happened to get up from his wounds and mentioned that he haven't felt just as good when he happened to teleport behind Kuchiba to stab him with his kusarigama and wrapped his chain sickle around him; clutching him with it as Kuchiba meet his demise.

Ninja Techniques Edit

  • Iga Ninja Technique (Chimatsuri): He used his blood and created it into needles to use against Yuri.