Kaiyo (1)
Name Kaiyo
Kanji かいよう
Gender Female
Age 20+
Hair Colour Dark Purple
Eye Colour Light Purple
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Okatsu (sister)
Professional Status
Master Tokugawa Ieyasu
Occupation Ninja
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 10
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Kaiyo is a skillful ninja and one of the Iga. She is Okatsu's sister. Kaiyo has control over the insects while her sister has control over the snakes.


Kaiyo is a woman with long spiky dark purple hair and light purple eyes, with makeup. She has huge breasts and wears a short white dress, with a matching white long cape scarf, which holds by a insect jewelry. She wears a long dark glove, which she takes off during her battle with both Sasuke and Kakei, as well as a red left wristband. She also has a long pink sash, which descends down to her ankles. She wears sandals and long leg tights.


She seems to be a cheery person just like her sister and she likes to tease people as well just like when Sasuke sneaked up behind asking her to leave and she refused because she has been instructed to kill all the braves then he said she should prepare to die and she surprisingly gave him a kiss putting an insect in his mouth and teases him for rejecting her kiss after he jumped away from her.


She made her debut in episode 10 as one of the Iga. She attacks Kakei and Sasuke, claiming that she hates them because they killed her sister. In the end, after a intense fight, Kaiyo is poisoned by Sasuke's poison rope and starts to begging for her life, but she dies.

Ninja Technique

Iga Insect Technique: Sengoku Road: This allows the user to create praymantise breaking out from their rocky eggshells while she stands on a pillar that comes out from the ground.


  • Her first name, Kaiyo, mean "forgiveness". It's ironic how her name mean that even if she can't forgive Sasuke and Kakei.